Doug Marsh & the Shimstocks

Doug Marsh

Doug Marsh

Doug Marsh and the Shimstocks is an exciting and eclectic ensemble that performs original guitar- and vocal-driven music with classic folk and rock influences. Included in their repertoire are a number of covers of Neil Young, Richard Thompson, Lynard Skynyrd, Tom Petty, Eric Clapton, Magic Sam, Willie Nelson, the Stones, Dwight Yoakum, and Taj Mahal.

Band leader and principal songwriter Doug Marsh, a Vancouver native and longtime Austin resident, says the band’s music focuses on a positive approach to life – and this optimism is instantly apparent in the group’s joyous melodies and introspective lyrics.

This electric band deftly blends various guitars, mando, steel, fiddle, bass and drums. Besides the strong songwriting and musicianship, Doug Marsh & the Shimstocks‘s distinguishing characteristics include the compelling and intense three-part vocal harmonies of Marsh and fellow vocalists Greg Jordan, Richard Parke and John Ponder. Two of the band members contribute to songwriting duties. Richard’s eclectic instrumental capabilities bring a refreshing element to the band- steel to flute to fiddle and back to guitar. He has played everywhere from California to Philly where he played with Sister Sledge and is the Music Director of the band. Marsh says it’s exciting that such talented performers with their own solid and diverse backgrounds could come together as friends and as a singular, powerful musical force. Greg Jordan has played in punk, metal, and country bands from Houston to Blanco and, has in the past, toured the east coast; John Ponder has played in numerous bands including, currently, the Blue Jays and Flaming Stamin in the 80’s.

Doug Marsh & the Shimstocks are: Doug Marsh (guitar, acoustic guitar and vocals), Richard Parke (guitar, steel, fiddle, mando, flute, harp), Greg Jordan (drums, congas, percussion, and vocals), John Ponder (bass), and the rest…

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